Every individual and relationship is valued greatly. However, this space below is for family group shots only.

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Our family grows bigger by the year.

This calendar will help us keep track of the big stuff.

if a picture is worth a thousand words, then let's share a novel

"We were living in an apartment above my dad's store when we got the call that Grandpa Fornof had died...



Pictures, stories, songs, and shared experiences are the fabric that weave our lives together. Shared joy and shared sorrow. The concurrent highs and lows of everyday life. Tales of God's faithfulness through both.

Let's share these here.

Stories that help us find our way

  • Track 22:36
  • Track 12:28
  • Track 33:21
  • Track 42:31
  • Track 52:15
  • Christmas Is Coming3:25
  • Track 63:24
  • Linus and Lucy3:06
  • Track 73:03
  • Track 82:55
  • Track 92:46
  • Track 103:00
  • Track 111:49